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Business-In-A-Box: MLM and Franchising


With entrepreneurship on the rise and the growing acceptance of the “hustle”, we want to take a look at entrepreneurship in all its forms and manifestations. Last week we had intentions of looking at the first in our series: Multi-Level Marketing, but we’ve now combined the conversation to cover franchising. We expect to have one individual currently exploring MLM as an entrepreneurial venture as well as one franchisee co-hosting our conversation.

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When to use a lawyer

You get into business to make money and liberate yourself from the dependency of earning someone else’s pay. Taking that responsibility means that you enter into a situation where you become the point of contact for legal arrangements pertaining to your business. Knowing when to use a lawyer to navigate business transactions becomes a neccesity – see Canada’s Small Business BC’s guidelines

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Managers, Leaders and Labourers


The art of choosing men is not nearly so difficult as the art of enabling those one has chosen to attain their full worth.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

There are many factors that determine the success of a business in Jamaica. Ask any Jamaican businessman about the things that stifle the growth of his business and more likely than not listed amongst the top three you will find: (a) access to affordable financing; and (b) access to quality labour.

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#JaBizTip 7: Complete forms at...

Today's Ja. Biz Tip is: Complete your company/business registration forms at home and/or online. The agencies involved in the process to start your business have, over the years, been consistently moving the process online. Currently, they have all the necessary forms available ...

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#JaBizTip 6: Reward relia...

Today's Ja. Biz Tip is: Ensure to reward the reliable and obviously committed employee as ...
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#JaBizTip 5: Consistency ...

Today's Ja. Biz Tip is: Consistently providing a quality product to a demanding and dynamic ...
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#JaBizTip 4: Close your b...

Today's JaBizTip is: Close your business/company properly!It is popularly though that simply closing your doors ...